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8 Mistakes by Business Owners

Many business owners, small and large, online and offline make mistakes about their online reputation. But, all these mistakes can be monitored and overcome if you understand what this mistake is.

Disclosure of a client’s personal information

You may be good at talking about a particular client, but all you can do is ask for written permission before discussing a client’s personal details in any form. When you talk about them some people don’t like it and they can tell you that it is. If they can tell, they will worry that someone else can tell.

Calling others in bullying

It is one thing to be honest about one’s work, but it is also quite another to ruin one’s business. If you really want a great example of this, watch “Freely and Harley Lawsuit” on YouTube and watch the fiery devastation of many fitness business owners in a public nightmare, including the Australian Supreme Court.

Posting pictures of your drunken night ending

Okay so your youngest daughter got married, your oldest daughter, and your best friend turned 60 in one day. But, no one needs to see you drunk and celebrating in public. While your family and friends will like it, some business partners will question your decision. Some people can’t buy from you.

Choosing weird names for social media profiles

In fact, unless you name your social media profile after your niche or product, it’s a good idea to use your own name. Don’t use anything personal because you want to represent your business as an ethical and honest company that is open about you.

To lie

Believe it or not, more than one business owner has been caught online for a bald-faced lie that has ruined their entire business. If you don’t make six figures and you’re not a million dollar blogger, then don’t point it out and say you are. The online world is small in many ways and will sooner or later emerge.

Stealing other people’s content

It’s easy to detect, but there are cases when people steal other people’s work, information products, photos, etc. and then join the real producer’s Facebook group and promote their product there. Try Yes, they were humiliated and caught and destroyed in minutes. Don’t steal.

Ignoring or blocking complaints

Ignoring or blocking complaints is a big mistake. Your client and future client are looking at how you will deal with the complaint, and how you will deal with it will either help you or hurt you. Respond quickly and always try to provide your client with a solution to their problem.

Not opening comments on blogs

Keep your blog posts open for comments because closing them makes it seem like you don’t like dissent or dissent. A blog is social because of the comments. It’s just useless without comments.

After all, it’s important to never be angry or defensive – no matter if you’re right or wrong. This is a big mistake that will fire back. Always be polite, generous, honest and gentle, and you can’t go wrong online.