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A Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education

A Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education

A Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education, The Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education is a program designed for those who have completed their studies and are passionate about early childhood education. It is a program that allows you to become a professional in the field. The curriculum and teaching methods of the Masters in Teaching are quite advanced and one can enjoy the benefits of this program even after completing your studies. This is also one of the best programs that can be considered if you are interested in becoming a teacher. However, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled for you to be eligible for the program.

A Master of Arts in Teaching must be a Ph.D. in education with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. You must also have a master’s degree from any other educational facility. The length of the program may vary from one institute to another. There are also various subjects that are covered in the curriculum for the said program.

In this program, students learn the history, concepts, and strategies that are involved in teaching children from birth to the third year of age. The coursework is taught primarily in the classroom using various methods such as music, movement, social skills, memory, and intelligence. The curriculum also covers important topics such as reading, writing, science, and health that are crucial in improving the social and emotional development of the child. In addition to this, there are some extra subjects that are offered in the course such as art appreciation and the use of creativity. Some of the electives that you may expect to take up during the course include childhood development, ethnic and cultural diversity, literature, and education.

On top of the required courses, you will need to undergo training that takes up about one year at the graduate level. The course work involves teaching methods such as cognitive and behavioral, experiential, instructional, applied research, and curriculum design. The training also covers the application of theories and research findings in different settings such as school environments, hospitals, and other early childhood facilities. As a graduate of this program, you can expect to have a master’s degree and a certificate. The certificate however is required for you to be able to work as an assistant teacher.

There are some universities that also offer a master of arts in teaching early childhood education as a bachelor’s program. The bachelor’s degree program involves two years of study that focuses on teaching principles and evaluation. It also requires students to complete a specified number of credits that serve as the foundation for their Master of Arts in Teaching degree. The requirements to enroll in this program are high with at least a 3.0-grade point average.

In order to join this master’s program, students must also have at least a high school diploma. They may also be required to submit proof of prior education in areas such as English or Math. Some of the coursework that will be covered during the Bachelor’s degree include classroom management, instructional design, developmental education, human development, social and emotional learning, leadership, curriculum, and instruction, and applied research methods. Students will have opportunities to complete internships during the course of their degree.

You can choose to go straight to an accredited university to pursue your master of arts in teaching early childhood education. However, there are a few colleges that also offer this degree. Some of these colleges are Walden University, Strayer University, and Bethel College. For students who prefer not to take courses online, there are also community colleges that offer this degree. The minimum requirements to enter one of these schools that offer a master of arts in teaching early childhood education are a high school diploma or its equivalent and at least two years of relevant experience.

When you finish your master of arts in teaching early childhood education program, you will be able to take specific courses that you were approved for. One of the specific courses you can take is a course in basic education. You can specialize in early childhood education if you wish to. It takes four years to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program at most colleges. It takes four years to complete a master’s degree program at Walden University. A master’s degree can usually be obtained in two years.