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As a student how to earn cash money

Students do not seem to have enough free time to be able to undertake a profitable activity. It is known that there are small and flexible jobs with which students can adjust their schedule. They will allow you to earn money without neglecting your studies. In addition to the trade or the suggestions below, you also think it is possible to make a little euro without moving from home across the web using sites like Moolinéo, loonéa, and Swagbucks or from the paid surveys because the experience is up to you and Isay. But you can also make money by making cashback purchases by registering on Ebuyclub or registering for online banking to earn 80 € in a row like HelloBank.

As a student how You can earn cash money

1- Sell on the Internet everything that is no longer useful to me

The easiest way to make money, especially as a student, is to get rid of everything that is no longer useful to you. Several platforms are now available online, enabling the quick sale of all types of products. For example, I can sell my clothes that I no longer wear. Not only will I avoid garbage, but I will also free up space in my wardrobe to put in new clothes that I will buy with the money I earn. I can also sell my old devices, like smartphones and tablets.

2- Renting my apartment by cohabitation
Owning an apartment that I can offer in cohabitation with other students. This way, I will not only live on my own but also earn money every month. But I must define the rental terms carefully to avoid any misunderstanding with the chaos of potential tenants. I have to search on the internet to find coexistence contract forms and use the one that fits my terms.


3- Earn money by studying with a scholarship
The best way to earn money while you study is to get a scholarship or scholarship. Indeed, at the end of the course, it is possible to get new scholarship opportunities. To do this, you need to search online to find financing offers. Information must also be obtained through campus bulletin boards.

4- Do housework
I can use my free time for part-time work, such as housework. The sites are available online, allowing you to find the odd job that suits everyone. Among these activities, the most achievable activities are:


1- Babysitting

Comfortable with the kids and available in the evenings, this type of activity is for me. Since I get on well with kids, I didn’t even feel like I was on. It will be an easy way to make money.

2- The dog is sitting

It happens that individuals go on a trip without being able to take their dogs. Then they urge people to take care of their pets while they are away. While I have enough space in my apartment, I can accommodate the larger dogs, which can provide me with more care.


3- Earn money by cleaning

Since I have enough free time, I can offer to do housework for individuals. To do this, I need to register with sites that act as intermediaries between applicants and recruiters. Doing some cleaning daily can save you a lot of money.

4- Walk with the dog

This type of activity is for those who love animals, especially man’s best friend. For owners, walking their dogs is a must, but they don’t have the time to do so. So they often hand over the task to other people in exchange for a reward.


5- gardening

While I am passionate about gardening, I have the opportunity to earn a living from my passion while making money in my spare time. People need my services to maintain their gardens.


5- Be fashion models for clothing brands
For this kind of activity I will always work in the company of a great photographer. So since I love doing my own photography this job will suit me, especially as I’m a photographer. In fact, new brands are emerging everywhere, and they need young people to showcase and highlight their products, with excellent image knowledge. To do this, I need to register with Modeling Agencies. Same thing, I must specify that I am a student and that I am not available full time.


6- Work as an addition
Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a movie? Know that you can fulfill your dream while remaining focused on your studies. Passionate about movie, she did the same. I have subscribed to related sites, which feature actors for short or fictional films. The agencies will contact me when I get a suitable role. Depending on the role, I can earn a lot of compensation.


7- Earn money through a blog or YouTube channel
Initially, the blog is used simply for entertainment and to freely express your point of view on the topics of interest to you. But know that it is now possible to make money from your blog. You can get paid well if you do it right. The way I realized I had a lot of people following me one way or the other. I was able to attract as many people as possible to my blog. Then I can use my influence to promote a product for a specific brand. This brand will then take care to reward me in return.

Likewise, you can make money from youtube channel, some live from some others make a little extra income.

8- I completed my studies
Unlike odd jobs, having a work study program allows me to study while working for a company. Generally speaking, the activity I will be doing there will be related to my studies. Hence, I will strengthen my skills while making money. Some companies offer attractive salaries and students enjoy the same benefits as employees. The salary is lower than the minimum wage, but as a student it is well worth the cost.


9- Giving private lessons
While excelling during my previous studies, I use my skills and knowledge to make money. To do this, I can teach high school or high school students. That way, I will get paid while serving other new students as well. To do this, I need to check with the teachers. If I have any doubts, I can seek advice from my teachers on all the necessary procedures to become a part-time lecturer.


10- I make my passion on the Internet
It is now possible to share your passion online thanks to various platforms such as YouTube. After publishing my product, I will make my business profitable. For this, I need to use paid links and sponsored articles to promote my products. The more people view my products, the more my salary will be from the site.


11- Working as a freelancer on the web
Nowadays, there are many websites offering members to hire employees to do various activities such as drafting or submitting documents. The activities on offer are so varied that I will definitely find something to suit me. The fact that I have some software is an important asset to this type of business because it will allow me to earn more money.


12- Helping the elderly
Of course, this type of activity requires real training and skills. But in some cases it may be possible for unqualified students to do so, especially if the client still has some independence. Some platforms make it easy to find a job of this nature near my home or place of study.


13- Working as a tester
This activity is very profitable, but it is not without its risks. In fact, this type of activity consists of testing products from pharmaceutical laboratories. Risks to him are side effects. In more severe cases, he may be taken to hospital. Therefore, it is not recommended to work as a tester if the product to be tested is not hazardous.


14- Cooking
While I enjoy cooking, I can use my talents to save money. I can then prove my knowledge and treatment of my clients. To do this, I have to go to sites created specifically for this type of activity. These sites will allow me to present my listings to all nearby potential clients. The platform charges a 10% commission on sales.

It is also possible to have my dishes served at home. So I would expect people to be in the house, and if I could fill them in, word of mouth would take care of getting new customers faster. Much more profitable, especially since my apartment is very spacious.


15- Participate in competitions within your university
In general, a fairly large sum is given to the winners of these various competitions. Why don’t you try my luck? Who does not risk anything has nothing! If the contest topic is related to my field, I have all the opportunities in my arms. But regardless of whether I win or not, it will revive my competitive spirit, which will serve me well in the future.


16- Rent my car
Since I have a car, I can take advantage of it without risking my studies. I can offer my services in online classifieds. I can prepare meals in the city, provide transportation to the airport if needed, or provide delivery services. I can earn more money with a manual car. This way I can provide my services on campus itself, for travel on and off campus.

17- Work as a goalkeeper
It is also possible to act as a janitor, providing his services to a private individual. In fact, individuals offer to rent their homes or apartments. The concern is that they do not have time to welcome visitors and potential tenants, as well as to clean up at the end of the contract. Then they entrust other people with the task of looking after their property and clients.


18- Create and sell the app
I told myself first that this activity was not among my capabilities. But nowadays everything is possible thanks to the Internet. The main thing is to find an original application that will be useful and delight my potential customers. If my request is satisfactory, the profit that I will benefit from will exceed my expectations. I can find instructions on how to create an app online.


19-Work as a mysterious buyer
This type of activity is ideal for a student like me because it is not only easy to do, but it can also be performed according to my own schedule. Usually, the job involves participating in paid surveys. It suffices to express my opinion on specific products. To provide my services, I simply need to register with the online platforms that offer this type of service.