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Businesses that can receive funding from European funds

If you have decided to start your business with European funds, you may consider yourself lucky. European funding is offered to many types of businesses, as long as they start with inspiring ideas and have the potential to be profitable, which will benefit society.

Here are some business ideas that may be eligible for European funds.

Health receives European funding

Health is a vast field for opening up various activities that benefit both investors and society. If you work as a dentist, you can open a dental office with EU funds. This can be done if you work in other medical specialties. With European funds you can buy the necessary equipment for your cabinet. Try to open an office in an area where your services are essential.

Cultivation of mushrooms or fragrant plants

This may seem like an unusual business idea with European funds, but growing mushrooms or plants can be successful. Agricultural businesses are among those who have benefited European funds And have been beneficial.

If you follow the EU standards, it will be easier for you to get contracts to sell your plants not only at home but also abroad.

Solar energy – a star in business with European funds

Protecting the environment and generating green energy has become a priority for many of us. With this kind of business idea you can’t fail to access EU funds now and in the years to come. This is a business idea of ​​the future that answers the concerns of people who are worried about the future of the planet.

Photos, videos and virtual reality

Do you dream of a movie studio or are you interested in virtual reality games? The European Commission provides funding for both activities. All the necessary equipment can be purchased with the money raised from the funds.

Catering services

We all need food but very few people have time to cook. You can help them with the catering company, by funding them. Whether you choose traditional foods or internationally inspired dishes, people will be happy to eat healthy and delicious food.

Odas Global Consulting can turn your idea into a successful business

When you have a good idea of ​​the business, but you don’t know what to do with it, Odas Global Consulting can help you. This Business Consulting Company In access to European funds, it managed to secure funding for 281 projects, which turned into beautiful businesses.

The same can be said for your plan. More than 20 Odas consultants have business experience and are always informed of anything new. Therefore, they can offer the best business advice.

As a result, you will receive excellent consulting services with a guarantee of professionalism and respect for your needs and requirements. Because it receives appropriate business advice, your project has every chance of accessing funds. In addition, Odas helps you implement this plan, as it offers full consulting services.