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Case Study – Planning

The principal of the elementary school, Chat, has been informed that their enrollment and staff will not increase, although it is likely that this enrollment will increase during the next academic year. The chat will have to persuade the business manager to increase his / her enrollment and staffing before the employment period so that he / she can hire and engage with teachers before the fall semester. To survive

1. What should the conversation do when planning your appointment as a manager?

Explain meeting details with faculty and staff and request input. It is important that the information provided to teachers and staff has some input as this will affect them the most.

– Find out how many new apartments are for families (2 or 3 bedrooms vs. 1 bedroom)

Find out how many apartments have been sold.

Find out how many teachers and mentors can help extra students when needed.

How many extra students can help?

Those who can’t help extra students, why not, what effect will the high burden of students have on the quality of education.

Recommendations for enrollment and staff support by faculty and staff, as well as preparation plans for the crowd.

if. If the conversation goes with the business manager’s registration and staff, what risk will he take?

-School crowd

Staff burnout

Decreased quality of education

If. If the business manager has not changed his staff, what should Chat do?

Prepare a report for the superintendent using the recommendations and impact data provided by faculty and staff.

Organize a crowd preparation plan using faculty and staff recommendations.