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Customer Survey: Think They’re Useless? me also

A fraudulent explosion of customer surveys United States.

You know what I’m talking about: When you buy a computer, the retailer sends you a survey. The computer company does the same. When you order an online book or shirt or fruit box, you are asked to complete the survey. And when you’re in “on-hold-hello” with the utility provider (aren’t the cables quick enough to answer this phone?), You have to wait in a longer line for a short survey. is called.


The survey is not about business users.

Surveys may not be needed if corporations make the maximum amount of time and money available to train jobs and management so that they can spend more time implementing and analyzing the survey. That’s my opinion.

So, what does this explosion of survey and mining data mean for the average business manager or executive? You already know the answer: all the data can be manipulated, most of it is bacon, and if you have a misunderstanding or creativity you may learn to carve numbers yourself. ۔

I like simple things Easy to implement. One idea to consider is: get to know your customers and employees through the building (Darren, what do you call them again, oh, yes …) build relationships with them. Build relationships with your customers. What a novel idea.

Again, this is just my opinion. Want to know more about surveys? Here are some more points from a survey of the Hell of America survey:

Avoid silent surveys.

They are the most insidious of them all. Many people do not realize how much information they are giving away for free. “Frequent Shopper” or “Discount” cards scanned at checkout are the worst. Visiting a website is also not private. If you visit my website, I know where you live where you live about 1000-5000 meters away, I can find any IP address of your computer on the web (this can be useful , Except that I’m too old to be a computer hacker), what kind of computer do you have, what browser do you use (even what version it is), your screen resolution, you How many times have you visited the website, your marital status, and your GPA in sixth grade? And only the last two are lies.

Fun facts.

If didn’t survey people to discover that birth order affects job choices, and that 4 out of 10 U.S. employees have gained weight in their current jobs, How do I know things? Also, did you know that at the University of Pittsburgh, a college-level course is called “Questionnaires and Surveys”? Why?

Most people like surveys?

Yes, most people actually like surveys. Seriously, a 2010 survey by asked: “Do we run a lot of surveys?” Believe it or not, more than 60% of the 481 respondents marked “No”. You have to make fun of me. Dang Tree Higgs …

Anyone can do the survey.

Survey sites such as Instant Survey, Zooming and Survey Monkey are used by legitimate organizations themselves. But, for better or worse, anyone can now create countless online surveys using these sites. I actually made one. This is at the end of the article.

That’s it.

In fact, hasn’t their need diminished the power of the survey?

I once heard of a marketing director where I had worked that the service was running a marketing campaign in disguise, and this confuses management with relationships. کدوس! I think it’s connected to the nails.

Most consumers feel compelled to take the survey because of the pressure from the employees they offer. This concept is called “respondents”.

But as surveys spread, potential respondents are reluctant to contribute to the increasing amount of time they spend. Eventually, people resent the idea and stop doing surveys, unless their experience is to some extent or another: very satisfied, or very satisfied. Otherwise, it is not worth their time.

It all started with innocence.

Like most curses on the human population, it only snatches away at us. Years ago, if a small business wanted to know how satisfied its customers are, they just asked. For a large corporation, surveyors were placed for face-to-face interviews, and one person walked around the store or mall with a clipboard and asked questions about anyone who might fail to answer. Was

Then, in the 1970’s, surveyors switched to telephone data collection, and your meal times were permanently disrupted until caller ID, “don’t call” lists, and cell phones gave you comfort. Give food

This is followed by Internet surveys, interactive voice recognition, and other data collection methods, including low cost and fast conversion time for corporations thirsting for consumer information.

Are surveys useful?

With a customer survey, after all, does an organization actually use the information from a survey? Or, is the survey ending by itself? Does the process of submitting the survey show the customer that “we care”? I would say it’s a combination of the two.

Employee satisfaction surveys are no stranger to consumer surveys. They often work in “reverse”. In other words, when survey results reflect employee dissatisfaction, they are often filled with people who are taking them seriously. This is a great and useful idea: employees take better care of the workplace. But when an employee’s survey reflects satisfaction, it is often filled by employees who simply do not care and want to get rid of it. If you had a business, which employee would you have? Which score would you prefer: “Honest – but bad” or “Care is not good”? I will settle for an “honest – but bad” survey.

After all, what do all these surveys mean?

The survey profession needs to do better to help businesses understand the difference between junk data and quality surveys.

To help me add a survey, please take just a few minutes to complete your own survey. This will help me to do a better job of surveying, um, I mean, to serve you.

Click on the link below for a fun and easy ten question survey. And no, I’m not pursuing results. Feel free to survey in the “Comments” field.

Click here: Hateful survey. Take mine!