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Earn money by advertising with AdSense or other advertising networks

Earn money by advertising with AdSense or other advertising networks
Advertise with AdSense

The main drawback to AdSense is that it requires a lot of traffic in order to be able to generate big profits. But it is possible that you will earn an income without having to do anything.

Your compensation is determined based on the number of ad clicks displayed on your blog. The price per click varies from a few cents to a few euros. Your earnings are determined according to the number of your visits. To improve your income, you need to have a well-targeted audience. The ads shown must be related to the content of your blog.

Advertise with other advertising agencies
You can also choose other advertising agencies such as Ezoic. Obtained Google approval. This is a Google advertising agency.

Ezoic is an artificial intelligence dedicated to a website or blog. Before posting an ad on a site, blog, or store, it analyzes its content. Thus, he can display the appropriate ad for a particular platform. Everything you submit is determined by your internet user profile.

What about earnings through Ezoic?

Your income is limited based on many factors. For Ezoic, the assets are determined according to EPVM (revenue per thousand visitors). It offers you roughly $ 40 for every 1000 visits to your blog. Your earnings will be determined based on your audience, location of your visitors, etc. You will need to collect up to 10,000 visitors to access this service. You can use it with AdSense.

Make money blogging with sponsored articles

A sponsored article contains information about a company or brand. You get rewarded for promoting a service or brand. If the blogger is being paid for a sponsored post, they should specifically mention it. The price for this type of service is determined by several factors such as the blog’s audience, popularity, etc.

To be able to optimize your earnings, you will need:

You have a more targeted audience;
Choose sponsored articles related to the topics discussed in your blog and your goals.

Earn money selling information products and services

Are you a photographer, trainer or event designer? Do you have specific experience? How about creating your own blog and sharing your personal experiences, personal creations or tips there. It is a way to show the quality of your work or to show that you have mastered your field of activity.

To ensure the success of your blog, you will need to be able to write original articles. You can offer to sell your products or services there. You can, for example:

Provide paid training in the form of ebooks;
Offer your services, etc.
You can give subscribers a gift to receive their emails. Once that’s done, all you have to do is offer your services or paid training to them.

Promote seminars for other people
To promote themselves, some webinar people are willing to pay commissions to bloggers to promote themselves. If people come to their sites because of you, then you earn a commission.

How to create an effective blog?

At one point, it was very easy to monetize through blogging. There were a few bloggers. Moreover, the demands of visitors and search engines were not as complex as they are today. Don’t be discouraged. You can make a good income with a blog, but it must meet certain criteria.

What is your blog about? What is the topic covered by your blog? What kind of audience are you targeting?
Talk about a topic that interests your goals. The most discussed topics from blogs at the moment are in this area:

  • Health;
  • Good;
  • Personal development, etc.

There might be some specific areas that you have mastered like real estate, finance, technology, automobiles, etc. By creating a site that consists of a unique audience, you can also make a lot of money. If you stand out, you will easily become a reference in your field.

Choose a content management system that fits your blog’s style
A content management system or a content management system is known as a content management system. This is the software used to create a website or blog. Once your site is created, you will need to consider the system used to manage its content (texts, videos, images, etc.).

The two main CMS systems are:

Free or open source content management system;
CMS new or owned.
Currently the most popular CMSs are WordPress, Joomla, Dotclear, and Drupal. But most blogs use WordPress. It is known that it is more comfortable and aesthetic.

Give your audience good quality content
Internet users are very demanding. They want good quality content. When referring to the blog, expect to see a lot of text. But to grab the attention of your target audience, you can customize your blog. Add photos, videos, etc. Before posting this type of content, make sure it is not copyrighted.

For your texts, the information you enter must be of very high quality. To keep your credibility in the eyes of your audience, you need to show that you have mastered the topics you are discussing.

Pt improve your blog’s SEO
You also need to win over search engines like Google. In order to use the correct keywords related to your domain, you have the option to use Google Keyword Generator. By optimizing your blog, you will be able to improve your position and increase your traffic.

To achieve this, for example you can:

Structuring your content;
Use internet connection technology;
Fill in your own tags (title tag, meta tags, etc.);
You have an animated design
Personalize your URL, etc.
Pt improve your view on social networks
In order to be successful in making money from your blog, your site must have high quality traffic. You need to know that your visitors will not come naturally to you. You will need to stand out and find ways to increase your traffic. Social networks are excellent communication channels. You can use them to help build your audience.

If you are targeting a regular person, you can serve on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you are looking to contact the professionals, head over to Viadeo or LinkedIn.