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Facebook Promotion Posts to Promote Your Music Why are you scared

Many musicians are throwing their money down the drain.

I’m not talking about this amazing new guitar pedal that you just bought … instead I’m talking about posts promoting Facebook.

I know Facebook promotion posts are popular and a lot of musicians are using them but they are not really the best way to promote your music.

And you’re actually wasting your money and not receiving everything you pay for.

There are two reasons why you might want to use a Facebook ad to promote your music.

The first step is to expose yourself to as many people as possible.

But the second reason is to start collecting data and statistics about how your ads are doing. You also want to create custom lists of people on Facebook who are interacting with your ads and may be potential fans.

When you use Boost Post, you don’t get these options to create custom lists and view in-depth data and analytics.

So you are basically spending money and half of what you pay.

Worse, if you don’t create custom lists within Facebook, you lose the ability to reach people who interact with your ad.

So we say you’re promoting a music video that you can’t reach people who have watched 50% or more of your video. And these are the people who show the possibility that if you take the time to build your relationship with them, you will become a real fan.

The way to run Facebook ads properly is to create a business Facebook account. It’s completely free and takes about 2 to 2 minutes to set up. You can then create your own advertising campaigns and ads within Business Manager and access all data and custom lists.

And once you’ve created custom lists, you can use Promotion Post to reach those small groups of people. Maybe with Facebook Live or an ad to promote a new album or single.

So please! Stop wasting your hard earned money on Facebook Boost posts. Create a Business Facebook Account and Capture the World! It’s free, easy and if your goal is to build a big, busy fan base, it will help you a lot.

If you want to build your fan base, build your relationship with the audience and sell your music through the online system.