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Grow your Avon business. 21 points for quick success

Are you interested in growing your Avon business? Being an Avon representative is very easy and there are many resources available to help you grow your business and meet your personal goals.

  1. Use Avon products yourself. The best way to sell a product is to know everything there is to know about it. Your regular discounts and demos allow you to save money and try out the product yourself First.
  2. Ask your customers for product reviews. When you place an order, ask your customer to tell you how the product performs. This is a great way to find out about your product so you can offer more information to other users.
  3. Share your product. If you work in an office, make sure you have a hand lotion to share with your coworkers. I have received many orders by allowing others to try the lotion while sitting at my desk. Another Avon representative has extra handmade tubes for sale at the venue.
  4. Introduce yourself to training. Make the most of your business by taking Avon’s online training courses. Every new representative should start here first because the curriculum covers everything from money management, to starting your business, to entering orders. Most classes are 30 minutes long and contain downloadable text sheets. You receive a certificate upon completion of each and special recognition for completing certain courses.
  5. Become an ePepLiveative. Want to know how to become an eRep? Consumers can order online and send products home. The website usually has a free or discounted shipping code. I tell my customers to let me know if they don’t see one and I’ll find them! Once you become a penis, you also have access to other user management tools. You can set up email marketing campaigns to tell users about new products or campaigns. My users like “little reminders” because they often include free or discount codes.
  6. Use your network. Share your excitement about your new business and people will be excited with you. Most of your friends are already familiar with Avon products and so they will be your easiest customers. Everyone is a member of an organization or workplace. You have an extensive network of football moms, hairdressers, delivery people, doctor’s office workers, and more.
  7. Wear Avon jewelry. I get a lot of congratulations when I wear Avon’s new necklace. Most jewelry comes in sets, such as necklaces and bracelets. They are designed to compliment fashion or seasonal colors. Some people have told me that they weren’t sure if a necklace matched their outfit, but they’re not afraid to return it if it doesn’t happen, with no guarantee of a return. Oh, and I don’t have a return of jewelry, right now!
  8. Invest in good looking business cards. Make sure your business cards look professional, even if you buy from a discount supplier. Include a customer rewards program on the reverse side. I printed it with a coupon on the back of “Buy in Five Campaigns, Get 20% off your Sixth Campaign Order”.
  9. Share your business cards. Leave one with the tip of your waiter, hang it in the area of ​​the community bulletin board at the grocery store, give it to the checkout clerk at the mall.
  10. Personalize your business cards. When I give my business card, I write a free shipping code offer which is good on my website. I also mention Avon Opportunities: Do you want to make extra money by becoming an Avon representative?
  11. Order coffee brochures. Brochures are really your “store”. They are nice, colorful, and designed cheap. The photo is very clear and often shows how the make-up looks on the real person. In every campaign brochure, Avon includes his famous Scratch & Sniff perfume rings.
  12. Hold the brochure in your hand. I have the latest campaign brochure in my wallet, as well as a store sales cell. I always preview the campaign brochure so I can target the market: for example, I might say, have you seen the Avon line of mineral makeup? Page 1 on page 32 for smooth mineral makeup is 1 purchase, get 1 half price bargain. Great!
  13. Buy stickers on the back of the brochure. My stickers match my business cards and large prints make them easy to read. Stickers include my name, phone number, email address, and website address. Brochures, stickers and business cards are powerful sales tools!
  14. Don’t forget the special offer. Everyone loves a bargain! Use your imagination to come up with interesting ideas. What about free wrapping for Mother’s Day? Birthday and birthday reminder? Logo – buy one get one? Advise a friend and give a 10% discount on your next order? Print Avon boxes and add them to your bag when you place an order.
  15. Always upsell. This is an important sales indicator that really works. Say your customer buys a particular perfume. Draw her attention to the lotion. Got a necklace order? Indicate the color on the same page. Did your user choose a skincare product for skin aging? Make sure she knows about eyelid cream.
  16. Attend sales meetings. Your district manager or DM will hold sales meetings every few months where you will have the opportunity to meet with other representatives, see and test new products, share your successes and discuss sales techniques. These meetings are encouraging and fun to make sure you attend.
  17. Create your own sample and demo work. Attach a sample to the latest brochure page where the item is listed with a paper clip. Encourage your customers to try the product. Buy a demo and either use it yourself or try out a loyal user.
  18. Holiday And special days. Remind your customers that holidays and special occasions are a secret to us, and are just the perfect gift for anyone.
  19. Don’t forget the male customer. We forget about boys – but their daughters are from home to college, wives who love great make-up, and mothers who like to be treated like a mother’s gift. Avon has some great products, especially for men. Check the conditioner and foot care line after shaving. Don’t forget about the Big Guard for camping, hunting and working in the yard.
  20. Use the no-hassle return policy to close the deal. Avon promises, “If you’re not happy with any purchase, just exchange it or return your money. No questions. No fuss. No worries.” Even if the make-up is opened, Avon Noon will return the tension if the user is unhappy. You will withdraw this item and use EZ Returns for credit. Not even a problem for delegates!
  21. Grow your team. When someone asks about Avon opportunities, be prepared to share your success. Some of your customers may tell you that they are interested in making extra money. Avon is very successful because of people like you and me who like products and work to grow their business.

Focus on what Avon attracted you to and develop a strategy for communicating with your customers. Have you ever been a customer who liked a skin care product? Your testimony can be a great asset to your business. Are you excited about your earning potential? Share how you meet your financial goals. Avon offers training, great products, customer service, and a support network to help you achieve your goals. Being a representative of Avon is an opportunity for personal growth which is also a lot of fun!