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How do I make money with Twitch? All cuts

Are you a fan of video games? Do you want to earn an income thanks to this passion? With Twitch, there are a number of ways you can make money. Here are different ways to get extra money on this platform.

The basics in Twitch

When it was created in 2011, Twitch was known as a platform where everyone shared their daily lives. Individuals showed each of their activities live. Some have shown their benefits in the kitchen. Others offered fashion advice. The live video streaming content was diverse.

In short, this platform has adopted the style of reality TV. At the time, she was known as Over time, this has seen a clear development. It chooses to target specific customers. The creator has chosen to target the posts to fans of video games.

In this universe, this platform has become a true reference. She could claim big profits. According to statistics, it could achieve more than 50% of global gaming revenue. Although her audience is half of YouTube, she has reached this milestone. This study is from SuperData Expertise. Around 2014, Twitch was acquired by Amazon.

A tool to get players’ attention

Sports fans can stay in front of their screens to watch the progress of their favorite matches or players. With Twitch, it’s almost the same. However, the crowd consists of many players. Players compete in big matches like the UEFA Champions League. They film themselves one by one so that virtual spectators can follow all their meetings.

For netizens, it’s always a good idea to see the benefits of the best players. During each match, spectators cheer the participants with emojis, abbreviations, etc. To support the most successful participants, the public does not hesitate to make financial donations.

Who has access to this platform?

Like all social media, access to this platform is completely free. It is available to all game enthusiasts. How does Twitch generate revenue? In fact, it has a very innovative system. To enable a viewer to take advantage of some benefits, he must subscribe to a subscription. For example, to access the codes, you must subscribe to the channel.

Some essential dictionaries to master on Twitch

In this platform, the internet users are used to using a specific language. You must know the meaning of certain words, such as:

Streamer, Wheel: this is the person who broadcasts the videos;
LP or Let’s Play: show fun games to internet users. Players present new activities to spectators;
Walkthrough: The player gives tutorials to his fans to share some tips;
Speed ​​Race: This is a speed race. Aim to complete the mission as quickly as possible;
Glitch Hunting: this is to detect unexpected bugs in the game. This is especially necessary for developers.
Game Account Management: The Information You Need to Know

Once a Twitch account is available, send out videos. However, you must choose a space that is compatible with the equipment to be used. You can PlayStation, PC, etc. Use.

What are the steps to register?
It is necessary to create a player profile. You can use your Facebook account. Go to the Twitch website and fill out the given form. If done, you will need to confirm your registration by sending the link to your inbox. When this step is completed, you will be a full member of the gambling community.

Broadcast live content
Each time you want to connect, you just need to access your player profile. Once you open your account, it’s easy to broadcast, comment and manage your games online.

Go to the “Connection Issues” link if you have access issues. Consult the Refund Procedure Letter.

Access Twitch at any time using the mobile app
Stay in touch with other players at all times thanks to the “Twitch App”. With this tool you can chat with other members, watch games, etc. To access it, you need to download it from Google Play, Apple Store or Amazon.

How do I start creating a Twitch channel?
Before listening to a trial, you need to upload your games on the internet. In the interest of a chain. This requires:

Connection to the operator’s area;
Click on the “Partner” link;
Acceptance of the terms of use;
Fill in the fields of Twitch partners you name social networks (this is a way to attract viewers from other platforms);
Confirm your partnership request by providing the link in your inbox.
Subscribe to other channels to gain knowledge and learn about best practices in the industry. Bring out by giving your audience instant high-quality live postings.

Affiliate Program: An Interesting Option to Make Money with Twitch

To use this software, it is essential that you have a large enough audience. The more internet users subscribe to your channel, the higher your earnings. If you have a lot of subscribers, you will always receive a certain amount of money. This is valid even if your subscribers do not watch your videos or ads. As part of this partnership, you will be required to share your financial income.

To better support you with your projects, Twitch offers a free support service. This is valid for launching a marketing campaign. With this process, you can also maintain and control the quality of your videos.

If a viewer subscribes to your channel on a monthly subscription, he will enjoy certain benefits. It has the ability to enjoy dedicated subscriber offers as well as unlimited access to your video archives.

To use this program, you need your channel:

Has an audience of at least 500 spectators during the broadcast;
Hold a regular broadcast program (send videos at least 3 times a week);
Complies with Twitch terms and DMCA guidelines.