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How to earn money with TikTok? Our solutions

How to earn money with TikTok? Our solutions

With the development of various social networks, now internet users have an opportunity to generate revenue thanks to these platforms. Users can earn money through Facebook, YouTube, etc. Although TikTok is a social network that made its debut, it also gives you big profits. What do I need to know about this platform? How do you start making money with TikTok?

Basics to know about TikTok

After its release on the market, became TikTok. Even with the increase in the number of social networks, this platform was able to stand out from its competitors in no time.

TikTok: What do you want to know about this social network?

This platform was created in 2016. At that time it was known as The way it worked was simple and practical. Only broadcast a video singing or dancing in the review. Obviously, we should only be using music with no royalty.

It wasn’t the only social network that offered this type of activity. However, it is one of the few applications in its field that has always managed to generate public interest. At the moment, this platform still has the same options, but its functionality has been expanded.

Statistics you need to know about TikTok
According to Shulab, this platform:

It aroused the interest of a large number of people within a short period of time. In fact, in February 2019, this app had undergone 1 billion downloads. It even managed to outdo it on Facebook and Instagram.
Manage to attract the attention of people under the age of 34. 50% of users are under this age group.
Succeeded in attracting the attention of 56% of users versus 44% of females;
It can attract the interest of internet users for 52 minutes a day.

What are the distinguishing features of this application?
This platform is easy to use. It has a classic interface. The user has no difficulty finding their tags. It’s completely liquid and boosts reactions.

How is the application content displayed?

To view new content, simply swipe up. Hence, you will be able to watch various videos on the platform.

With TikTok, unlike other apps, you don’t have the option to go ahead or rewind the video you’re watching. Often the content is very short. To find out the length of the post, just refer to the audio clip. If you want, you can easily reuse an audio clip that you found elsewhere. This can be re-incorporated into your creations. If you find a video interesting, you can download it. This function is not necessarily possible on other social networks.

What about the content of this platform?
In this social network, Internet users can access original and humorous videos. You will discover tricks, hidden cameras, clever magic tricks, etc.

This platform is known for its challenges of all kinds. Brands or members can pose different challenges. Often the goal of these challenges is to collect some ‘likes’.

Young people are most likely to use this app. On this social network, even a fairly normal video can easily get a large number of “likes” and comments. On TikTok, content can have thousands or millions of interactions.

Make Money With TikTok: Where To Start?

First of all, you must have a TikTok account. This will help you release your videos. It is also through it that your followers will be able to follow you and give you gifts thanks to a virtual currency. This can then be converted into diamonds that you can exchange for money.

Once you create your account, you will need to capture the audience’s attention. The best thing to do is stream some interesting videos. Thus, you will be able to increase the number of your fans and followers. When done, you will need to activate the in-app gift program. The latter is also known as the Diamond Program.

How does the reward system work?
On the TikTok platform, users have the opportunity to reward other users for enjoying their videos. They have a choice between some virtual gifts whose prices are completely variable. In order to get coins, you will have to exchange real cash for coins. To obtain it, it is necessary to use the payment methods that are guaranteed by Google and Apple.

To make a gift, you need to click the “Give a Gift” button. Of course, once you give someone a gift, it will not be available in your account. It will then convert to Diamond when other user realizes it. Once you give a gift, all users will know.

What should I know about the value of the gifts?
To find out the value of a diamond, it will be necessary to refer to the ButeDance criterion. It is from this factor that the calculation parameters are taken into account. To see how many diamonds the account has, you will need to look at his profile.

These diamonds can be converted into USD. The user will be able to collect it through PayPal or any other payment method. We have a chance to withdraw from 100 to 1000 dollars per week. You should know that users are not allowed to exchange diamonds, gifts or coins. Additionally, the company that owns this platform can freely do whatever they want.