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How to help improve the performance of your sales manager in India?

We asked many experienced Indian sales managers who manage products for foreign companies what information would be most helpful to them. And the most interesting topics for them were improving sales efficiency and finance and accounts.

Utility and data are very important to sell in India’s highly competitive markets and even the most experienced managers would welcome further help here. At M + V we support our overseas business clients to sell their products, hire highly qualified sales managers to support them and then support their work so that they can focus on sales. ۔ Not all of these managers understand how to sell in India, but how to sell foreign products in India’s price sensitive markets. This year we are holding a business networking meeting to allow managers from different industries to network and share lessons from their industries. During the preparation we asked which topic would be most helpful or most interesting to them and the answers were clear. While some are more interested in the globalized sales aspects, the majority want to consider sales efficiency and financing for non-financial managers.

At the end of the year, we will bring together experts to help our customers’ sales managers explore these topics. And we suggest that other foreign companies doing business in India look at these topics as well.

Maier + Vidurno is a leading market entry consultant and business services provider for entering international companies and / or expanding its business in India. We are a team of 150+ employees specializing in Market + Research, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain & Order Execution, HR, IT & ERP & Company Secretaries – through our in-country recruitment and country wide offices. Are supported.

About the Founder:

Klaus Meyer came to India from New York in the 1990s as a mineral trader. He traveled all over the country visiting landmines and suppliers and fell in love with the vast dynamic world of business dealing in India. While working for a subsidiary of a foreign company, he first learned how confusing and complicated Indian business can be from outside, yet he also saw that there were many talented people in the country. Trying to make the most of their opportunities.
Over the past 17 years, Klaus has made its business one of the leading providers of business solutions for foreign companies seeking to make the most of the Indian market.

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