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How to use brainstorming to generate new business ideas

One way to accomplish this when you want to come up with unique ideas is to take some time to actively stress. Brainstorming literally means that you will basically put ideas on some kind of record, be it on paper or electronically.

There are different ways of moving the brain that work for different people. What works for you will depend on your personality, so it’s a good idea to try multiple ways.

_____ What will you do?

Ask yourself what other people will do, especially someone who is well-trained in the area. For example, if you were trying to figure out how to cook mushrooms properly, who would you ask? Maybe Julia Child or Martha Stewart, or maybe your favorite chef. Try to put yourself in their head to find out what they will do.

Use a brain map

You can easily use a large sheet of paper attached to the wall or something to map your mind. Start at the center with the main title and work your way up, writing down everything that comes to mind as you go.

Set a timer

One way to come up with a lot of ideas is to set a timer. If you have people working with you, ask everyone to write down their ideas as soon as they can (quietly so that everyone can work together). Set a timer for five minutes and run “Go” and see what happens. When there are time constraints, you can often force your brain to work hard to bring something up.

Try the music

Music just needs to be a tool, not a distraction. Play this music whenever you want people to be more creative. Many people swear by classical music.

Ask a group

There are many benefits to having a brainstorm with you. More people, more ideas. However, sometimes it can be difficult to have a lot, so stick to a small group of less than ten to make sure it works better.

Learning to separate yourself from thoughts that interfere with your brainstorming ability. Some people like to meditate for a few minutes before starting a scheduled brainstorming session. Remember, it’s designed to create and record a brainstorm so you can find it later. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just take it down.