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Jewish Wisdom for Business Success – Book Review

By: Rabbi Levy Breakman and Sam Jaffe (2008)

ISBN 978-0-8144-1274-9

Book Price: .00 24.00

Business Consultants

Rabbi Levy Breckman is a well-known Jewish scholar, author and teacher. It has taught on 3 continents, is a weekly TV show, and is regularly published in newspapers and on the Internet. Sam Jeff has been on the staff of The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Bloomberg Markets, and Business Week magazine. Both are business consultants!

Ancient sign of access to wealth

Rabbi Breakman and Sam Jaffe expressed their views in 9 chapters. They discuss topics such as, Patriarchal Business Model: Creating a Map for Success (IV 4), Selling: Torah Negotiation Techniques (Ch 5), Spiritual Business Activity: Sacred in Your Work Search (Ch. 7), and many ancient signs of access to wealth.

Success in God’s business

Rabbi Breckman and Sam Jaffe shared in a personal and explicit manner. Moving on, he says, “A good trader never leaves his business to fate. From the moment you start blaming the unseen forces (market, currency traders …) they The moment you relinquish your power … you are responsible for action … “

Authors use language that connects and relates to readers. “If you’ve built your own business, you know that in order to be successful, you need to start your own business,” he says. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. “

Rabbi Breakman and Sam Jaffe show a keen sense of business acumen. Discussing the negotiations, they share that “the key to success in negotiations is self-knowledge, the knowledge of your negotiating partner, and the fair value of the agreement.” Do your homework about the other party’s situation. “

Encouraging words are meant to lead readers to victory. The authors declare, “Although most businesses make mistakes, you should never let your business fail. When your business appears to be failing, find a silver lining for it. With all the successful businesses have come to this stage, yet it has overcome. ” Success comes to those who do not give up.

Spirituality is a central theme. The authors declare that doing business for the sake of wealth should not be a crime, but, “for spiritual business, the creation of wealth is about making the world a better and more pious place.”

Business Success Lessons

Rabbi Levy Breckman and Sam Zaeef Jew have a great strategy to learn the lessons of business success.