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Kingdom Business and Marketplace Ministry

What is Kingdom Business?

First, I want to say that there is a difference between the Christian business and the Kingdom business. What is that distinction?

For starters, anyone can be in a Christian business and this is often the case, in a Christian business. Most businessmen start businesses to make a profit and long-term wealth for themselves, including Christians.

There is nothing wrong with this approach on the surface. However, this kind of theory can give us a tunnel view for our business. It can also take potential risks to our own greedy nature and deprive us of perspective if our business really belongs to God.

As followers and servants of our King Jesus, we do not run a business like any other institution. In other words, the company we own and operate is not entirely our own. We really have everything that belongs to our king and we are mere protectors to advance his kingdom.

Simply put, a Kingdom business is an organization whose primary purpose is to use the benefits of trading in the market to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

What is Marketplace Ministry?

Now that we have a better understanding of what Kingdom business is, I want to point out what Marketplace Ministry is.

in short. Marketplace is God’s strategy to reach our world for Jesus through our work or business. The ministry is outside the confines of our church. We spend many hours a week at work and it makes a big difference how we spend our time.

Compared to the daily grind of our regular work week, many of us Christians often feel detached from the real reality of Sunday worship. We have a difficult time when it comes to integrating our faith and the business world.

Christians, like anyone else, spend most of their time in the market. Our market has boundaries for home, business and community. It’s basically where we engage with others.

God wants to use Christians as living testimonies to reach those who are lost and do not know. We are God’s people to use as tools to change the fallen and corrupted world. Choose

Why create an email list?

Some Christians are reluctant to list emails because of the fact that they may feel pushed and self-promoted. It feels like marketing and even less like ministry.

The biggest and worst mistake you can make with your online business is whether it is Christian or otherwise not making an email list. Maybe you’ve heard the term “money is on this list” before? This is true even if it is a non-profit service. By the way, the purpose of any business is to make a profit.

Okay, let me back up a bit. It’s not as much as “money is on this list”, but as a Christian the best way to connect with your audience is to build a Kingdom business and market your ministry. Also, an email list will be your most valuable asset as it is the only thing that really belongs to you even if you have nothing to sell it to you directly from your customers Will allow chat.

This is not a system that belongs to all social media platforms like proprietary. For example, if you want to create a group of followers on Facebook or Twitter but never capture their email, if your platform is banned or the platform does not exist How will you connect with your audience?

When to create an email list and who should be on your list?

When? – An old Chinese proverb reads, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Now is the second best time.”

WHO? – Most people or “your tribe” just don’t provide your email address to anyone if you want, so if someone joins your list, they’ve already indicated that they’ve already They know, like and trust you to some extent. These are the ones you want in your list.

To create an authoritative email list you will need to recognize the needs of the desired audience and meet only that need. These are the people for whom you are creating your email list.

How to create an email list

To begin the listing process, you’ll need to create an account with a list management service, such as Uber, GetRains, or MailChamp.

Alternatively, if you are a tech savvy, you can go with Self Hosted Autor Spender. I recommend Ober because in my opinion it is the most user friendly.

The most basic way to persuade someone to fill out a subscriber form is to create an “opt-in fraud” in their email list. Opt-in fraud can be almost anything you want, such as an e-book, a free report, a checklist, a “how to” guide, etc., so there is some perceived value.

You will present your opt-in free in the form of a web page or popup box. This is your moral bribe if you do it in exchange for someone’s name and email address. Once a subscriber is on your list, you promise them.

We do this by setting up auto-responders. This can be easily done through your list management service. Keep your follow-up messages or newsletters relevant to your offer and mission.

Your next step is to secure your own professional AutoSpender account, so you can start compiling email lists for your Kingdom Business and Marketplace Ministry.