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Legal Book Review – Adding Your Small Business

If you have a small business and you want to protect your assets, and maximize your tax dollars, you may want to consider adding your business. Maybe you know how to add your business, or why you don’t know anything about it. Perhaps, you would like to know the history behind the reasons why people have incorporated their business in the past, or how it relates to our present time and the needs, challenges, and issues of your particular business.

If so, there is one book I would highly recommend, and one that is in my personal library. Interestingly, this book has been on my library shelf for 30 years. And when I was cleaning up all the old books, donating some and giving to others, I decided to keep it. Not because I can use the same book today to add business, so I can hire a lawyer.

Rather, because I think the history and arguments against including a small business are debated, and they are still playing today. Is the name of the book

“How to Include a Booklet for Ent Businessmen and Professionals,” Michael Diamond and J. L. Williams, 1987.

Boys, have things changed since 1987, there are still a lot of philosophies and definitions of course all and all history is the same, but the shapes are very different and now there are LLCs that they didn’t have at all. This book is very interesting because it helps to understand the evolution of corporations in the United States, both large and small. The flow of business law in this regard is quite interesting. In fact, I hope you consider it.