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Make money with Twitch by leveraging the notoriety gained on YouTube

Do you already have an excellent reputation on YouTube? Don’t want to find a new audience? Do not worry. If you already have a large audience, you can easily switch to Twitch. All you have to do is sign up for the affiliate program through your channel.

This privilege is only available for channels with:

On average at least 15,000 times per video;
More than 100,000 subscribers.
It is also necessary to comply with the terms and conditions set by Twitch and to comply with DMCA regulations.

Make Money With Twitch Through Advertising

Through this process, you get ad revenue every time someone in your audience views or clicks on the ad. Remuneration is determined on the basis of the CPM model. For 1000 Views, you can earn between $ 2 and $ 100.

Encourage players to buy specific games? As soon as a user buys a product through your links, you will be refunded. You have the option to set the width and frequencies at which ads are displayed. Adjustments can be made through the broadcast dashboard settings.

The downside is advertising revenue
Some internet users do not like ads. They choose to use specific programs to block it. Due to this factor, it can be difficult to earn a good income. Some players are exceptions to the rule. Choose to disable ad blockers so that those who are willing to be paid.

How does ad management work?

Of course, you want to make a lot of money, but that’s no reason to flood your audience with ads. Start ads at the right time. For example, choose to see it during breaks, between games, etc. Avoid interfering with the broadcast. Viewers you want to support will still be active even during ads.

Terms of payment (price, personal bonuses, etc.) are determined by a contract signed by the stakeholders. The profit depends on various factors, such as the regular flow, number of spectators, etc. Withdrawals are verified when your earnings reach the $ 100 mark (paid by check or PayPal).

Subscriptions: a way to make money

After joining the affiliate program, you have the “Sign In” button. Having good traffic on your channel increases your chances of earning a good income. Twitch offers subscribers additional features at $ 5 monthly fee. As a broadcaster, you are entitled to half the profit from the subscription. The rest goes to Twitch.

Amazon Affiliation: An Interesting Alternative to Making Money on Twitch
As part of your live games, you will be asked to recommend products for your audience. You can offer them interesting products, such as a play headphone, mouse, etc. These recommendations will be considered by new players or by Internet users looking for high performance equipment.

These suggestions can be profitable. Use Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Share the product link with your audience. Once the user has access to the page through your link and buys the product in question, you will receive a percentage.

Donations: a way to generate income
Not everyone has to join the affiliate program. Do not be discouraged. It is also possible to generate income by soliciting donations. To take advantage of it, it is necessary to establish a donation fund. Avoid chasing your audience by using intrusive tactics. If members of your audience want to give money, they will always find a way to get their input for you.

“What to do to make money on YouTube”: this is the famous question most internet users think. Yes, it is possible to make money from this channel, but it is not enough to publish a large amount of videos. There are many ways to generate revenue with YouTube, but you must be willing to use the means to do so.

Even if celebrities like Cyprian, Norman or Squeezy could earn excellent financial income, this is not necessarily the case for everyone. You can make money from the money you earn on this channel, but you need to find your own path on YouTube. Some succeed in earning an income through related promotional videos or tutorials, etc. Others tell their stories, experiences, etc. The most important thing is to find an area where you can stand out and engage the audience.


Use nuanced techniques to get input from your audience. For example, you can:

Install alarm notifications;
Include words like ‘highest donation of the day’ in the video. This method encourages viewers to submit their contributions.
Set your goal to achieve: your audience will be tempted to participate. Use the progress bar on the platform. You and the spectators will therefore be able to see the progress with the donations. Every time someone pays their contribution, the partner tends to move towards the goal.

How to increase the number of followers on Twitch: how is it?
Are you new to business and want to grow your audience? It is essential that you start designing your personal brand. You must have your own ID. You must determine:

If you want to get a serious or fun channel;
Your account goal: to entertain participants, make them laugh or confirm yourself as a player;
Your target audience.
The character you are going to play: fun player or best player.
As with all social media, Twitch enhances the interaction between players and spectators. To communicate, it is sufficient to use the chat feature. This communication medium helps players get to know each other better, ask questions about games, etc.