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“The difference between success and failure is information,” Rich Esra notes, and it should be known. Together with his partner, Stephen Trumbull, Esra is an important part of the music industry’s most reliable source of “who’s who” and “who’s doing” information. Best of all, they can tell you where everyone is.

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Music Business Registry ( Publishes five directories: “A&R Registry,” “Music Publisher Registry,” “Music Business Attorney Registry,” “Film and Television Music Guide,” and “Record Producer and Recording Engineer Directory.” “For many people in business, these reference works are indispensable.

“Directories provide everyone with vital, accurate and up-to-date information they need to connect with the entire A&R, music publishing, legal and film / TV music communities.” By comparing the note with dozens of professionals in all these areas of expertise, I can tell you that no one disagrees with his claim.

More than one music industry executive has told me that Music Business Registry publications are worth their weight in platinum. Tess Taylor, president of KNEP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals), says, “I haven’t had a day without music business registry directories. These publications are the best in the business.”

Each directory tells you how to reach industry professionals by regular mail, e-mail, direct dial telephone and fax. The books provide each individual with the correct title, street address, the name of their assistant, and the style of music in which each executive specializes. Websites are also included.

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The world of A&R executives is exciting but always changing. That said, there is a lot of business in this part of the industry. So much business, in fact, that the A&R registry is completely updated and reprinted every eight weeks, while the publisher’s volume is two years and other books come out annually.

Need a manufacturer? There are 1,700 of them!

Created in partnership with RPM Direct, the “Record Producer and Recording Engineer Directory” features today’s top record record producers, recording engineers and remixers in all genres of music across the United States, Canada and Europe. The book includes:

(1) Complete contact information with each producer, remixer and recording engineer with a list of their credits.

(2) Producer / Engineer / Remixer management companies including a complete

Complete client roster with staff list.

(3) A complete index to easily find any producer.

(4) Numerous interviews and articles with today’s leading producers and engineers.

Not surprisingly, you will find the publication of the Music Business Registry by top record company executives, music publishers, artist managers, agents, music attorneys, recording artists, studios and other music business professionals from Los Angeles to London, New York. Can be found anywhere up to Nashville. , From Chicago to Copenhagen, from Toronto to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Sydney and from Manipolis to Munich.

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The Music Business Registry is located at 7510 Sunset Blvd # 1041, Los Angeles, CA 90046-3400. Phone: 800-377-7411 or 818-995-7458. Fax: 800-228-9411 or 818-995-7459. E-mail: