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Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree Programs

An online psychology bachelor’s degree can be a great choice for those interested in the field. The degree requires more general education, but does allow a student to earn a degree while taking courses from the convenience of their home. Students have the flexibility to complete the program at a pace and schedule that are most comfortable to them, rather than being tied down by on-campus classes. This allows the individual to earn the degree they are interested in while maintaining a job, family life, or other obligations that do not require time for college classes.

There are some similarities between an online learning program and that of an on-campus program. Both are accredited and participate in the same programs. Also, both use the same textbooks and typically use the same resources. Many of the same programs also offer coursework that can transfer to other schools and colleges. However, there are also differences.

Online education typically takes longer than a typical four-year course. Online students typically take six years to complete their bachelor’s degree in psychology. This is because online learning is an ongoing process. Students will go through a variety of assignments, read multiple books, and attend classes at scheduled times with a variety of people.

Online masters degrees for psychology are very similar to online bachelor’s degrees for the most part. Students will typically take about six years to complete their degrees. This is because the curriculum is the same, and students must maintain all of the same community standards and work habits as traditional psychology students. An online master’s degree program typically includes a project, and students must complete the entire project.

Although online masters degrees for psychology are comparable to those offered at a state university, they are typically slightly cheaper. Online degree options that cost much less than a regular four-year college are available at several colleges and universities across the country. Some of the cheapest online psychology bachelor’s degree programs are available at accredited online community colleges. However, students must be prepared to research each college and university on their own to find out which one offers the best degree program and the lowest costs.

The average cost of an online bachelor’s degree program in psychology is approximately two thousand dollars. An online psychology bachelor’s degree program can be completed in eighteen months. Most students major in an area of psychology with a minor in pre-determined liberal arts concentration areas. Students then choose electives, depending on their interests. Online education is becoming popular because it allows people to work while attending classes.

There are several accredited online psychology degree programs offered to students who are interested. At Strayer University there is a program in Applied Behavior Analysis, which is eleven credit hours. The Applied Behavior Analysis online bachelor’s degree program requires students to complete an internship which can be completed during the summer. Students have a choice of studying in the Strayer campus or at a college off site. Students also have a choice of enrolling in up to twelve more credits in the behavioral science department at the University of Denver. The University of Nevada – Las Vegas has an Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology that offers a total of sixteen credit hours.

Many other accredited online psychology degree programs offer a variety of electives and certificate courses to their students. At the University of Colorado – Boulder there is an associate’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis online that takes about two semesters. The associate’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis online is the same as the regular Bachelor of Arts degree program, but students do not have to attend a campus-based school. Students in these online programs are usually required to take at least one course in psychology at the university before they become eligible for their degree. Students who want to continue on with their bachelor’s degree in psychology but who are already employed or have family issues may use these online programs as a way to finish their degree and get a master’s degree as well.