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Parking Lot Clean – Target Customer

Parking lot cleaning is a service that is needed wherever parking is needed. But who are you trying to reach when you go out or pick up the phone? And, what kind of facilities are you trying to target?

Clearly there will be a big retailer. These companies are a bit difficult to work with because they have strict guidelines that vendors must follow. Their contracts usually require more than Rs 1 lakh and more than that is general liability insurance. They also like to work with vendors who have a large regional, or national reach, for example, all of Northern California, an entire state, or an entire metropolitan area. You may want to target general managers and store directors to target these services. Most corporate retail and grocery chains have a procurement department. Procurement Department “This is the department that manages all outside vendors.” These departments typically work with outdoor watch service, outdoor repair, carpentry, electrician, paint, and plumbing services. Anything needed to maintain a building. You want to go to a large retailer or grocery chain and ask the general manager, “Do you manage the parking lot cleaning service, do you have a purchasing department, or does the property management company manage the service?” Is?”

There are also strip malls, shopping centers, office buildings, and office parks. These types of properties often have different retail, grocery or professional businesses as tenants on the property. This type of facility is usually managed by property management companies. And, when the property management company is responsible for a property, it assigns the property manager to manage the vendors used to maintain that property. When you are targeting the property you want to go into the business of the property you are targeting, tell a business manager that you are trying to find out what the property management company is responsible for. Is. Go into business for both retail property and office properties. When you visit a professional services office you will want to be very polite and respectful, never visit such a company, and they may be surprised by your visit. Proceed with respect and politeness, explain why you are there and if it will take two minutes for them to help you. Note, I only ask for the name of the company, later I call the company and ask which property the property manager belongs directly to which I am targeting. In my experience people are reluctant to give you contact information for a property manager, but it is much easier to ask which company manages the property, and you can still find out who the real property manager is. You can also search the property management company Google, and find out who the property managers are by searching or calling the site.

After all, it’s about the parking lodge management company. These companies operate large military garages on behalf of airports, municipalities, property owners, and the Business Owners Association. This type of parking facility is usually located in the lower part of the city, near public transportation centers and office parks. Parking lodge management companies are responsible for managing the daily work of the parking garage payroll, including sourcing shopkeepers to clean the parking lot and wash the pressure off. When you target such facilities, if you want to go directly to the parking garages, you will target and ask two questions. If it is not clear, ask which company manages the parking garage, and who is the regional manager responsible for parking. Parking lot managers are usually responsible for multiple parking garages, and you should keep this in mind when talking to them. You can also google a parking lodge management company, and ask who the parking managers are.

Finally, there are some unique opportunities to hit. You can target farmers’ markets and flea markets. In such cases, there is usually a management organization responsible for managing what products are sold in the flea or farmers market. Many of the organizations responsible for specific markets belong to networks that oversee dozens of markets in the region. Go to a market and ask a shopkeeper who you will talk to to get a booth in the market, the person you are referring to is the person you are serving. You can also reach this person by googling the flea market and identifying the organization responsible for the flea or farmers market. There is also cleaning after the program, for example after the concert. You may want to contact the facilities manager at the event center to take advantage of these opportunities. You would call the event planning phone number for a particular stadium or event center, and you would explain the service you offer and ask who you would talk to about your service offer. They will usually refer you to the facilities manager.