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Programs That Provide A BBA In Early Childhood Education

Did you know that a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Early Childhood Education can help you pave the way to success? Did you know that this degree can open up doors that were closed to you because you did not pursue a higher educational degree? If you have enjoyed being in charge of the kids in your family, but would like to have more responsibilities and learn new things along the way, consider a BA degree. This degree is perfect for helping you learn about social justice, history, mathematics, science and other areas of early childhood teaching. Many colleges and universities across the United States offer early childhood education programs to help interested students gain experience and prepare themselves for a career in early childhood education. If you want to teach in these schools, it is important to be trained in early childhood education.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Early Childhood Education focuses on preparing students to teach preschoolers through twelfth-graders. Students learn both subject matter. Their teaching will incorporate developmental, psychological and educational theory. They use a combination of visual and written information to engage students. They also examine the relationships between human development, psychology, education and the environment.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is sometimes known as an associate’s degree or an early childhood education degree. It is normally offered by community colleges. Students who enroll in this degree program need to have taken courses such as English Composition, math, biology and chemistry. Courses in specializations are also available.

As a student progresses through the program, instructors will introduce new methods and use cognitive behavioral therapy to enhance learning and develop good teacher-student relationships. This helps children to express their thoughts and ideas and also to self-regulate their bodies and emotions. Other methods are used such as experiential-based discovery, music, movement, and group work. The instruction covers concepts like emotional needs and their development, children’s cognitive awareness and social learning. Teachers also use play, movement, drama and literature to engage kids in the lessons.

The Master’s Degree program teaches advanced developmental and teaching skills. Concentrations include social and emotional issues in childhood development, educational systems and methodology, and research methods that promote educational excellence. Students complete extensive field experience in primary and secondary schools and collaborating with educational specialists in education. Students learn to implement classroom time management techniques and prepare themselves for leadership positions in the early years.

The Doctor of Education (EdD) degree is normally earned after a two-year bachelor’s degree. The program covers curriculum and instruction development as well as research methods and current practice in K-12 education. A doctorate allows graduates to teach in either the school setting or in a university. Students learn to assess children’s reading, writing and thinking skills. They also learn about reading strategies, phonics and sentence structure.

The Bachelor of Science Degree (BSD) program offers courses in special education, child psychology, history and family life, along with many others. Students pursue various degrees, depending on their interests and career goals. Some choose a BSD in early childhood after completing their undergraduate degree. Others begin a BS degree as a premed student and finish up a four-year degree program that offers concentrations. Students complete coursework in special studies in development, childhood development, early education and psychology.

Other programs offer certificates in early childhood teaching. These may include Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education, Certificate in Infant Development, Certificate of Teaching in the Arts and Design of Early Childhood, and Certificate in Early Childhood Studies. The certificate programs offer certificate programs in basic learning, classroom management, educational technology, and instructional design. Some also offer a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Certificate of Teaching in Graphic Arts and Business Development.