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Sample Business Plan Outline

If you are looking for a partner, funding, angle investor or venture capital, you will be asked for a business plan. Even if you don’t need capital to build your new business, you’ll be glad you developed a business plan to help you prove that you have the right things. And that this business is economically viable. The first step in creating your new business is to create a customized business plan. Please use this template as your template to ensure that you do not forget anything important. This is a business plan format and outline that I created after reading more than ten business plan books and taking the best out of each of them and putting them in a sketch. I give it to you freely and I wish you great success in your new business. It is the great business spirit and entrepreneurial personality that builds this great nation, glad to see that you are one of us.

Business plan

I. Practical summary

A. Business format

No introduction

C. State of the art technology

II. Goals

O goals

1. Market share

2. Sales

3. Customer service

B. Statement of purpose

III. Company Analysis and Commercial Analysis

A. place

B. Background

1. Achievements

2. History

3. Powers


1. Trends

2. Business climate

D. Growth position

1. The future of the industry

Fourth. Marketing Analysis

A. Marketing strategies

1. Customer Markets

a. Types

2. Public Markets

c agencies

d. Divisions

3. Non-profit markets

f. Organizations

2. Risk considerations

a. Politics – Special Interest – Government

b. Contest – Profiles

3. Inventory

a. Products

b. Supply

c Purchase

4. Goods

a. Order

b. Type

5. Sales

a. Tactics

b. Pricing

c Advertising – Advertising

6. Media

a. Fundraising

b. Newspaper

c Radio

B. Demographic publication

1 scope

2. Class

3. Surveys – etc.

4. Markets to exploit

5. Types of customers

C. distribution

1. Customer service

2. Delivery

3. Numbers 1-800

4. Planes

V. Management

A. Implementation

B. control

C training

D. Labor

E. Independent contractor

Sixth operations

Oh hours

1. Operation

2. Delivery

3. Feature

B. Restoration

1. Vehicles

2. Goods

Eighth Legal strategy

O license

B. Rules

C. Insurance

Eighth Financial strategy

O tax

B. Capital requirements

1. Financing

2. Required investment

3. ROI

4. Break

5. Working capital

C. Benefits

1. Security

2. Health coverage

D. Estimates

1. Proportion

a. Instant ratio

b. Loans to assets

c Asset business

d. Cash flow


1. Lease payment

2. Royalty

3. Printing

4. Insurance

5. Utility

6. Telephone

7. Wages

8. Bank fees

IX Strategic Planning Analysis

A. Long-term goals

B. Manager Plugin

C franchise license renewal

X Appendix

A. Competition brochures

B. Feasibility Studies

C. Rendering of image or location