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Small business with no emergency preparedness plan? You are heading for disaster

The word “disaster” comes to mind as soon as a storm or flood or earthquake strikes. It’s only a matter of time before the real impact of a disaster – whatever the cause – becomes clear.

When a small business collapses without escaping an emergency, chances are Complete business shutdown – and job losses for everyone involved.

Even when there is a plan, it may lack one important component: being prepared to handle employees’ concerns for the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

This concern is so strong that usually senior staff members – with great responsibility for important mission duties – are known to abandon the business altogether, and to get home to save the family from imaginary chaos or danger. Are struggling.

Despite the departure of the key personnel, although the building is still standing, the result could be the same – a complete shutdown.

Is there a solution?

After a career working with small (and large) businesses, and over the past 15 years helping to build and guide the local neighborhood emergency preparedness team, we think there is a solution.

In our opinion, the ideal solution Harmony or even “integration” of communities. This can be achieved when …

  • The company management, staff and employees have all been trained in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

  • The company plans its emergency preparedness around the CERT model and these specially trained employees.

  • All members of the employee’s family have been encouraged or assisted in receiving similar CERT training.

The ideal extension of this concept would also be for every residential neighborhood of employees to become CERT-trained communities – something we must acknowledge is unlikely.

Anyway The mere fact that they know their families are ready for a major emergency will enable employees to stay at their work stations. Tall, and help the company take immediate steps to protect important data and equipment to keep business safe – and their revenue.

It is a win / win if it can be accomplished. And even if only one part of the solution can be implemented, the company will be in a much better position to prevent or prevent interference in business.

It all starts with emergency preparedness plans for the neighborhood and / or business. Given the many resources available from government sources and dedicated authors, it is not difficult to develop such projects. But there is an urgent need to start now.

  1. There may be another emergency. Without a plan, they can turn into disasters.

  2. You need to plan ahead for emergency attacks.

New and inexpensive tools are available to make the process easier. Don’t wait any longer to get started!