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Tips for connecting with influential people in the music industry

Only one person can do that much for your career, therefore, you will need to build a team of experts who will be interested in your career.

Your team should include one:

  • Manager: As the most important member of your team, your manager will oversee all aspects of your career. Experience and find connections.
  • Booking agent: Your agent will keep you up-to-date and discuss the best deals and guarantors. Opening is highly desirable for high profile operations.
  • Recreational lawyer: Your lawyer will make sure that your agreement is in your favor and that you are not taking drastic action. In the music industry, lawyers also act as a gatekeeper and can send music to their influential contacts by labeling the record.
  • Business Manager: Your business manager handles the financial and business aspects of your career. Because an artist’s income usually comes from multiple sources and royalty streams, this is not an easy task.

A strong team of players will help you stay in touch and negotiate with music publishing companies and record labels.

Staying in touch with the top links in the music business:

Conferences and exhibitions: Joining, mixing, and performing your music at local and nationwide music conferences can connect you personally with some of the biggest players in the music industry. People like to meet face to face and can be surprised to make your case in person. Look south to southwest and MIDEM. Stand up, give the impression that they can’t forget, leave them with something physical, and follow up with the contact after the conference.

Social Links: It’s hard to take notes on the Internet, but in some ways it’s even easier. You can now find contact information for your targeted contacts via Twitter, Blogs LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud and more. Post and record videos that attract a large number of followers and follow industry links. Talk to them slowly and don’t ask too many questions right now. Make sure your profiles perform to the best of your music and fans so you can connect.

Speaking of: Sometimes the best way to stay in touch with a music industry executive is to keep improving your efforts and wait for them to come to you. If your music is great, you have big fans, you have tour books, you are selling albums, people in the industry will see your success and want to be a part of it.

Location, Location, Location: Putting yourself in a music mega-center like Los Angeles, Nashville, or New York will make meetings easier. You will be able to attend organizational meetings in your city, invite others to your exhibitions, and get in touch. If you are in the same area physically, it opens up new opportunities for you.

In addition to the hard work that goes into building a music career, she is encouraged to always push herself, communicate and improve her craft. With time and commitment, you can make your contacts the need to support your career.