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Women and small businesses

In the book Women for Women and Small Business, the author provides all the guidelines and tools to start, run and succeed in your business. In the book, she tries to explain in part how the role of women in the world has changed over the centuries. In the second part, she researched all the essential skills of women who like to start their own business, differentiate between men and women and give them advice. In addition, it asked some very important questions that all prospective owners need answers to, such as:

What is my reason for starting a business? What kind of business can I start? What skills, interests and personal qualities will I bring into the business? What are my strengths and weaknesses as a business owner? What fear should I avoid?

In the third part, he gave a case study based on MS project which can be used for their business ideas from the very beginning so that they can gain insight into the process.T.Their information will help them form some opinions about the overall climate and how their views can be protected from the current situation. Once they are more convinced of its potential, they can delve deeper into the depths that will eventually become part of a regular business plan. Dr. Marjana Radovich said that everything she discovers will help her in her ability to succeed. Therefore, he said, ideas are the currency of business people, so they should play with a lot of ideas and see what brings money and success. The fact is that some businesses may not be profitable enough to provide a livelihood. Other business ideas are not easily available in some business areas or may already be highly competitive. They may or may not have enough capital to get the business off the ground or get proper business financing. Therefore, this book provides the tools to decide whether to start your own small business or not.

In the fourth part of the study, she presented the latest research findings on women leaders and their place in the business world, ie how people (divided by gender, age and education level) view women leaders and if they But they have confidence. He compared the results of the latest study in the United States with those in Serbia and Montenegro. His scientific work was to draw some conclusions and to point out some of the special features of the Balkan region. In the fifth part of the book he wrote about. Some limitations in achieving business success. Entrepreneurial phobias, intuition and managers become uncontrollable in women. Finally, she presented some of the highlights of her research work and came to this conclusion with pressure on the future status of women’s participation in business, which has long been dominant. Men.